If you have a question, please consult our list of frequently asked questions before reaching out for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Love Me Hire Me?

We're your go-to online dress rental company in the UAE, and our mission is simple: to offer you quick access to a handpicked collection of high-end brand dresses that you'll love.

How can I rent a piece?

Choose the dresses you would like to hire and pick your preferred rental dates and duration. We will have them delivered to your doorsteps on the same day! For more detailed instructions, check out our "How It Works" section.

Can I try on the dress before I rent?

Of course, you can try up to 3 dresses. Just select "try on" at the checkout page. We will deliver the dresses you picked, and you will have 30 minutes to try them on. We do charge a delivery fee of 50 AED.

What happens if I don't like any of the dresses I try at home?

No worries, we will take back the dresses you did not like at no cost.

Are the dresses dry cleaned?

Dresses are always delivered dry cleaned, steamed and ready to wear. Please take a moment to read our “Read Me Before You Were Me” policy attached to the dress.

Do I need to pay any additional cost if there are excessive stains or damages to the dress?

While minor stains from normal wear are included in the cleaning process, you may be charged an additional cleaning fee for excessive stains or damage that cannot be remedied through regular cleaning. If the dress is irreparably damaged, the full retail price of the dress will be charged.

Should I clean the dresses before returning them

Don’t worry about it, we got it covered. We are working with professional dry cleaning houses to clean them as soon as they are collected back from you.

Am I allowed to make alterations or modifications to the rented dress?

You are strictly prohibited from making any alterations or modifications to the rented dress, including but not limited to sewing, cutting, or adding embellishments.

Do you deliver to all of the Emirates?

Yes! Your loved dresses will reach your doorstep wherever you are in the UAE. Please note that we charge a delivery fee of 50 AED.

How long will it take for my dress to arrive?

If you order in Dubai before 4 PM, your dresses will arrive on the same day. For orders placed after 4 PM and deliveries to other Emirates, the dresses will be on their way by the next day. We'll be sure to get in touch to confirm the delivery time that suits you best.

What happens if I am late in returning my order?

Your satisfaction is our priority, so we kindly request your understanding that late orders will incur a a penalty fee equivalent to 200 AED for each day that the dress is returned late. This helps ensure a great experience for all our valued customers who may have their eye on the same item.

Can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel an order, simply provide us with a 48-hour notice before the scheduled delivery date by sending an email to

Can I exchange my order?

Exchanging the dress is not an available option.

Why do you have only Small sizes?

Currently, we offer dresses in small (S) sizes as we are in the initial stages of our business. We have plans to expand our size range in the near future to better serve a wider audience.